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FRACTURED: America's broken healthcare system Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker Virgin Vegan (Hardcover) Conair Weight Watchers® Body Analysis and Weight Tracker with Color Bar Display
Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker
List Price: $55.00
HWC Price: $26.96
Savings: $28.04
Virgin Vegan (Hardcover)
List Price: $33.95
HWC Price: $19.99
Savings: $13.96
In Fractured, Dr. Epperly draws on his decades of experience as a family physician to identify the system’s gaps and disparities and propose a compelling strategy to mend them, with the goal of creating an integrated, accessible, patient-centered approach to health and medicine. Egg Cooker cooks up to seven eggs - hard to soft consistency, poaches up to three eggs with brushed stainless steel lid. Despite its long history, veganism is still considered unusual by many in this carnivore world of ours. But, in the United States alone, there are 3 million plus vegans and the ranks are growing, especially in the under thirty crowd. Achieving the right weight can change your life, and Weight Watchers scales by Conair help customers make this a reality.